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Pop-in Location

When you don't have a brick-and-mortar store, this is a great opportunity to have a trial run at it, run a special sale in person, and to expand your customer base. Our location is 900 sq ft located in the Lakewood with a large window in the front.


The shop comes with almost all of the displays that you may need including tables, clothes racks, mannequins, shelving, baskets, and more. You are allowed to use what you need, and we can store away whatever you don't need.

Event Listing and Sharing

All pop-ins, workshops, and networking events will be advertised on our website social media accounts, the calendar at the store, and our weekly email newsletter.

Checkout Counter

There is a 5 foot long checkout counter for you to do your business transactions. There is also mini fridge and Keurig machine for you to store your break food and fuel up.